Future Primitive

Michele Rizzi

Future Primitive (Star man)

This sculpture is part of the collection “condensation and dispersion of matter, and can be inserted in the subset” Star man. “The sculpture is technically performed in countless pieces of steel to be lived diameters and types joined by more than 3000 welds. These pieces of matter are condensed or thinned with the need to give greater strength and definitions to certain parts of the body (shoulders, chest, and pelvis) and make lighter and more dispersed. the higher condensing parts are processed in order to make the most smooth and shiny surfaces , creating contrast with the rest of the scabrous surfaces and dispersed. the final effect is unique in that it can only be obtained with this procedure that leads to having an aesthetic effect half way between a bronze casting and an assemblage of parts in iron. the subject “future primitive” is, like many of my sculptures, an archaeological find from the future, representing the human being of the future that at the heaven / firmament / universe with the same awe, mystery, fascination and human physicality primitive. The time has consumed the human subject, but remains in its power interzza and human icon that transcends time.

Keywords: Metal sculpture, Star man, Future primitive, Condensation and dispersion, iron


70.1 H x 15.7 W x 12.2 in


4.200 Dollars