Why? ( Star man)

Michele Rizzi

Why? ( Star man)

Sculpture: Paint and Metal on Iron, Steel and Other.

This sculpture is part of the “cycle of condensation and dispersion of matter” and continues the theme “Star Man”. In this sculpture I tried to focus on the main elements that draw the figure with a series of confused lines and contorted and seemingly random that measured and displayed from different angles make emerge a clear and powerful image. This technique is defined by me “organized chaos” and is the means by which I have tried to create shape of my alter ego, no time “Star Man”. The ricoorente position in my work is that calm and intense of look to the sky, scanning and interrogating the infinite universe in search of answers, directions, suggestions or simple emotions inspiring,,,,

Keywords: iron sculpture, blu, blu sky, Why?, Star man, steel sculpture, Condensation and dispersion, blu sculpture, michele rizzi artist, questions and prayers, blu cielo


Size: 70.5 H x 23.6 W x 15 in


5.100 Dollars