Memory of the tree (organic)

Michele Rizzi

Memory of the tree (organic)

Sculpture: Stone, Metal and Paint on Marble, Steel and Other.

This sculpture originates from the condensation cycle sculptures and dispersion of matter, but it is disposed slightly to intent and for the use of the materials.
My new sculpture cycle can be defined by me “organic Sculpture” and in this new line of sculptures converge ideas and techniques used in past cycles of sculpture but reinforce the hybridization of materials and styles and for ‘ intent to percorere the lines of nature and genesis of the universe, nature, and therefore of life, in the belief that nothing can be more evocative of creation, although with the desired transformations and interpretations. In this case the work “Memory of the tree (organic)” consists of an archaeological find from a distant future in which on another galaxy or on a space station an artist with the materials available to him tries to interpret the scriptures in he received in an attempt to give a picture of a tree, an existing plant to be thousands of years before on planet earth has been destroyed.

Keywords: tree, archaeological find, Memories from the future, memory of ‘tree, marble and steel, scultura organica, memory


Size: 67.7 H x 13 W x 13 in


5.550 Dollars