Magic woman”

Michele Rizzi

Magic woman

Painting: Oil and Acrylic on Canvas and Other.

This painting continues the cycle of oil paintings made with use of wooden frames for the realization of imaginative and abstract landscapes, combining, mixing approaching and pure colors. In this case, unlike the usual raw canvas by me used, the picture was made on a linen cloth in black background which gave the picture a particularly atmospheric magic. Once realized the background, this has inspired my imagination as a kind of Rorschach test (the inkblot test). Once we analyzed the impression received was sought the image to be included in the framework, giving a landscape value, more ‘or less three-dimensional, giving the whole a meaning and a plausible story. Story that the viewer can ‘interpret given the no precise definition of the whole. In my case I imagined a magical woman walking in a magical and warm place (maybe Tropical) for an undefined time, perhaps in a dream.

Keywords: tropical, magic woman, abstract landscape, dream, I do not know where, I do not know when, tropical dream


Size: 39.4 H x 39.4 W x 1.6 in


1.250 Dollars